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PHP 5.3+ is required.
( PeerTrade is not a web app. )

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and source repo at GitHub.

PeerTrade Benefits

  • Any 4 any. Trade any coin for any other. Not limited to primary markets.
  • You decide. Trade new or unpopular coins that are not listed on any exchange.
  • Minimal known risk. No need to trust fly by night exchanges with all your coins.
  • Free to use. No exchange fees or withdrawal fees.
  • Just do it. No account signup needed.
  • Peer to Peer. Unstoppable.

What is PeerTrade Software for?

Ask yourself these questions: Are you fed up with online exchanges that keep losing or stealing your coins? Are you tired of begging them to list your favorite altcoin?

I sure am.

That's why I created PeerTrade. It is simple text-mode software you run on your own computer that connects to your local wallets and enables direct 2-party trades without any central exchange in the middle.

PeerTrade turns a single large exchange into many smaller exchanges, so that only a small amount is ever risked by either party.

So you can exchange coins with confidence directly from your local wallets that you personally safeguard. Plus you can exchange any cryptocurrency for any other without being limited to primary markets.

Right now I am looking for feedback on the core exchange software, so there is no orderbook yet and you will need to find someone to trade with on your own. But plans for an online orderbook are in the works also. Such an orderbook would only list trades and find matches. You would still run the PeerTrade software to execute the trade.

You may get started by downloading PeerTrade and reading through the detailed README file.

How it works

Bob and Alice wish to trade 5 BTC for 100 LTC. But neither trusts the other enough to send the full amount. So they decide on 100 rounds of exchange via PeerTrade, and exchange much smaller amounts instead.
Alice and Bob both run PeerTrade on their own computers and PeerTrade automates the exchange.

Getting started tips

First time users are recommended to start with trading small amounts using 0 confirmations in 5-10 rounds. That way you can get a feel for the overall process pretty quickly.

First time users may wish to perform a trade with themselves to gain familiarity with the system. If you do this, it is highly recommended to use two separate operating system accounts ( eg 2 different unix users, windows users, mac users, etc) because otherwise both sides of the trade will share the same trade history file and see duplicate trades which can be confusing.

It is okay to use a single coin daemon when performing a trade with yourself. Just keep in mind that you will see both the send and receive transactions when checking the transaction history.

Help! If anyone has time to create a nice tutorial with screenshots or youtube walkthough I will gladly link to it or include it here.